Definition :Greeting is an act of communication in which human beings intentionally make their presence known to each other, to show attention to, and to suggest a type of relationship or social status between individuals or groups of people coming in contact with each other.

Formal Greetings

– Good morning (until about lunch time, before 12 a.m)
– Good afternoon (12-6 p.m)
– Good evening (until about 9 p.m)
– Good morning Sir, Ma’am,

Informal Greetings
– Hi, Shanty !
– Morning, Tom !
– Hello..

Initial Greetings
– How are you ? I’m fine thank you.
– How’s it doing ?
– How are you doing ?
– How’s life ?


Responding to initial greetings
– Very well, thank you. And you ?
– I’m good/okay/alright
– Oh, pretty good
– Not too bad, thanks
– Fine, thanks
– Excellent


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