Advertisements have so many benefits in our daily life. We may know the new products such as handphone, motorcycle, car, ice cream, and many more.

Advertisement in definition ..
Advertisement is information for persuading and motivating people so that it will attracts them to the services and the things that offered or informed
· Advertisement includes
– The name of the product or service
– How that product or service could benefit the consumer

· Function of Advertisement are:
– Promotion (to introduce the new product)
– Communication (to tell about the product)
– Information (to inform about the product)

· In making the advertisement, we must keep the following points:
1. Language of advertisement
– Using the correct or suitable words
– Using interesting and suggestive expression
– Text of advertisement should be directed to the goals
2. Content of advertisement
– Objective and honest
– Brief and clear
– Not allude any group or other product

· Advertising media include
– Wall paintings
– Billboards
– Street furniture components
– Printed flyers
– Television, radio
– Pamphlet
– Etc.

· The kinds of advertisement
– Advocacy
– Comparative
– Direct mail
– Informational
– Institutional
– Outdoor
– Cooperative



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