Giving instruction is an expression that is used in order that order that other person does what we instruct or request, or giving imperative to other people for to do or not to do something, Giving instruction sometimes called comperative/prohibition.

The tense used in giving instruction is “SIMPLE PRESENT”

1.use verb as commanding word in the form of infinitive without to :
>Sweep the floor.
>Clean the whiteboard.

2.use Be + Adjective or noun or adverb :
>Be careful!
>Be quite!

3.use the word Don’t + infinitive verb :
>Don’t noise!
>Don’t do it!

4.To make the instruction be politer, we can used please that put in front of sentences or back.
~ Please, wake up. / Wake up, please.
~ Please, be quite. / Be quite, please.
~ Please, do your homework. / Do your homework. Please.


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